What is Better; Dry Carpet Cleaning or Steam Hot Water Extraction in Herriman Utah?

Did you know you have a choice when it comes to cleaning your carpets? You may think that your options are limited to finding and picking a company and agreeing to a price. There are more that you can choose from including the type of cleaning that is done. There have been several advances in the carpet cleaning arena and they are for the better. Salt Lake Carpet Care have a couple of options that you can choose from and what the pros and cons of each are.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Steam Carpet Cleaning is an option that you can choose and is the most common choice. The old version was when the carpets were saturated with water and cleaner and would takes days to dry out. The newer version uses steam to treat the dirt and stains instead of a large amount of water. The first step is cleaner added to the carpet fibers and then activated by the steam. The water is heated up so that it is turned to steam and is added to the cleaner that is on the carpet. After the cleaner is activated and the steam is put on the carpet it will then need to be removed. The second part is just like the old version where you use a vacuum to remove the moisture that may have built up. The steam leaves only a small amount of water but it still needs to be removed from the carpet to help it dry faster. Salt Lake Carpet Care uses powerful truck mounted machines to extract the water and contaminants from your carpet resulting in deep carpet cleaning and a quick drying time!

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry Carpet Cleaning is another option that many people are choosing. The dry version uses dry cleaners and a very small amount of moisture that activates the cleaner. The cleaner is added to the carpet and left to work. After it works into the carpet and the stains, the professional will use the high power vacuum to remove the cleaner and with it comes the dirt and grime that may have built up on the carpet fibers. The con for this option is that the cleaner will leave a smell that can be obnoxious for some people. It can also leave a small amount of residue that may feel uncomfortable to walk and lay on.

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