Benefits of Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Salt Lake City UT

Having your carpets professionally cleaned improves the appearance of your home and also extends the life of your carpet. High traffic areas look brand new and spotless, tough stains are removed and your carpet feels softer. Choosing to have your carpet professionally cleaned improves the look of every room in your home and creates an inviting environment for you and your family. Clean carpet makes a great first impression on those who are visitors in your home, and gives you a positive reputation for a having clean house. Perhaps the greatest benefit of having your carpets professionally cleaned is that it improves the health of you and your family.

Air Pollutants & Allergens Trapped in Carpet

Dirty carpet that has taken a beating from heavy foot traffic, spills, and pets can be quite an eye sore, but there is more lying beneath the surface of dirty carpet than you would think. Dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants like dust, dirt, grime, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, pet dander and other harmful materials. Toxic airborne gases can cling to these particles and get trapped deep within your carpet. When you vacuum your carpet, these materials are released into the air, posing a threat to those in your home who struggle with respiratory illnesses.

House Dust Mites in Carpet

Dust mites can become a huge problem for home owners before they are even aware that there is a problem. Many homes have dust mite infestations but homeowners aren’t aware because the dust mites are so microscopic that no one can see them. Dust mites themselves are not allergens; however they leave behind feces and body fragments which are dangerous allergens. When these areas of your carpet are disturbed by vacuuming or foot traffic, the particles are inhaled by household members, causing allergies to flare up. When you have your carpet professionally steam cleaned, you expose these dust mites to temperatures that they cannot survive, eliminating their presence from your home.

Mold Growth in Carpet

Another great benefit of having your carpet professionally steam cleaned is that it prevents the growth of mold within your home. Professional carpet cleaners use high powered tools that eliminate moisture, which mold and mildew thrive on. Moisture can be tracked into your home, especially during wet weather, and this moisture can get trapped within the fibers of your carpet.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Salt Lake City, Herriman, West Jordan, Murray & Sandy Utah

Contact Salt Lake Carpet Care today to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned, leaving your home looking like new. Salt Lake Carpet Care will steam clean your carpets so your home is a healthy place for you and your family to relax and not worry about mold or dust mites lurking in your carpets fibers.

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