Protecting Carpet on Stairs & High Traffic Areas from Spills & Pets in West Jordan, UT

Carpeting is a huge part of many homes across the United States. The carpet is made up of different types of fibers and is woven together to make up a roll that is laid out in an area that you choose. The carpet is a great and comforting option for your home but because it is made up of cloth like fibers it needs to be treated and cared for. The first part of cleaning your carpets is just using a normal everyday vacuum cleaner. Be sure that you are running the vacuum each day to ensure that all the debris and dirt that is being brought in by people and pets is removed from the fibers. The dirt acts like an abrasive and will over time cause damage to the carpets if left alone. Once the fibers have become damaged there is no repair available you just have to live with it or replace the entire carpet.

Clean Up Spills on Carpet

The next step to keeping and maintaining your carpets is to make sure that you take time to clean up spills that might happen. The spill can be anything from candy to juice and no matter what it is; it needs to be treated right away. The longer a spill is left untreated and sits on the carpet fibers, the better the chance is that it will turn into a hard to remove stain. The next way to make sure that your carpets have the best chance to last a long time is to have them cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Along with that you can schedule to have a protectant added to your carpets.

Best Carpet Protectant Spray; Scotchgard, Teflon, Dupont

The carpet comes from the manufacturer with a protectant already on it. This is a great first step but over a few years the factory protectant will wear off and leave the fibers open to stains and damage. The protectant can be re-added as an aftermarket purchase through your carpet cleaning professional. The benefits of having this is that it will act like a shield because the protectant will coat each piece of carpet fiber entirely. This makes it so that any dirt and spills don’t have a chance to get down into the fibers to cause damage. The next great reason is the way that it will repel a liquid spill. If you have an accident and your spill your coffee, tea or juice; you will have a chance to remove it before it gets into the fibers at all. The last great reason that you would want protectant added to your carpets is because it protects from pet stains as well. You can use a wash rag to blot at the stain and easily remove it.

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